Thursday, July 5, 2007

my favorite films of 2006

Now I haven't seen every movie that I wanted to see, but I'm probably done pursuing the '06 film year.
Without a doubt CHILDREN OF MEN tops the list. I dream of a movie like this, and to see it was a dream come true. PAN'S LABYRINTH follows in second place. Raw, bloody, & bold. Interestingly enough both of my two favorite movies of '06 were made by Spanish Filmmakers. In third place UNITED 93 Now Greengrass' previous film the Bourne Supremacy was in my humble opinion, pretty fucking annoying. This however was a sophisticated movie without stars and a pretty decent script. Accept for the winy European guy its a pretty believable telling of an unknowable tale. STRANGER THAN FICTION gets fourth place. An inventive story with lots of intelligence. Maggie Gyllenhaal is wicked cute. Man o man, Emma Thompson, that lady can act. BRICK is next. A funny and very classy film noir piece. With lots of snappy dialogue. CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER ninjas, samurai. That's all I have to say about that. IDIOCRACY I claimed a couple months ago to be the best movie ever. Honestly it isn't, however its still very hilarious especially the first half of the movie. Furthermore its concept of the future is scary. Pair this movie with Children of Men. THE QUEEN satisfies the Anglophile streak in me. MONSTER HOUSE should have won best animated feature. Fucking Happy Feat. Finally the DEPARTED Matt Damon's last word in the movie is precious. Here are some Honorable mentions. Casino Royale, Borat, Apocalypto, V for Vendetta, Flushed Away, The Good Shepard, Blood Diamond, An Inconvenient Truth, Arthur and the Invisibles,

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